About us


Sustainable mobility over water

With over a billion 'normal' bicycles on the planet, Jessica Schiller decided in 2013 it was time to explore the roads less traveled. She became the first person in history to cycle across San Francisco Bay and Hudson River by water.

Eight years later, Schiller is the specialist in the field of sustainable mobility by water. All with the aim of improving life on a blue planet. The Schiller pedal boat is the only one of its kind. It has the character and quality of a racing bike, but the ease and comfort of a regular bike. This pedal boat is fully adjustable and fits on the back seat of a car.

Customized solutions for entrepreneurs

Schiller Water Bike is part of Aqua Mobility BV. They are the exclusive importer and lessor of the Schiller pedal boats in Western Europe. It's up to us to improve life on a blue planet.

To give something back to entrepreneurs, we have developed sustainable partner solutions for boat rental companies, marinas, hotels, family parks, gyms, catering along the water, corporates and municipalities.