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Cycling in a city of your choice from € 25 per hour.

'Schiller is the Lamborghini of pedal boats. Get acquainted with sustainable mobility by water. Healthy, stable, emission-free and soothing.'

Cycling in Zwolle
Discover Zwolle from the water and experience the 700-year-old city canals while cycling on the water.
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Cycling in Utrecht
Sail together or with a group through the Utrecht canals and discover the Dom city in a unique way.
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The best combination of exercise, fun and seeing a lot of beauty.

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Glide corona-proof over the water, relax together and enjoy a memorable ride.

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The future of sustainable mobility by water. No traffic jams, no traffic lights and no potholes.

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Stable, robust, sexy, low maintenance and installed within 15 minutes.

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City water bike

Bill Echter is the man behind City Waterbike Utrecht. Together with his team, he makes it possible for day trippers to cycle in the heart of the Netherlands.

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Aqua Rental

Mehran and his team ensure an unforgettable day on the water in the north of our country with the Schiller Waterbike in Zwolle, Assen and Giethoorn.

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winding boat

Sander Waterfall is an enterprising water maker. His Wikkelboats in Rotterdam and Den Bosch are inextricably linked to the Schiller Waterbike.

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Waterbike Harderwyck

Dirk Roelofsen is the man behind Waterbike Harderwyck. In collaboration with Veluvia, they ensure a memorable day on the water in Harderwijk.

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After a delicious snack and drink at Eetcafé 't Trefpunt, step on the Schiller Waterbike in the center of our port city of Rotterdam.

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Right next to Delft Central Station is the pick-up point for the Nick Posthumus. He makes it possible for day trippers to experience Delft from the water.

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