On Land, Ter Zee and in Delfshaven on the Schiller Pedal boat

Good news! In collaboration with our rental partner iKapitein in Rotterdam and the Delfshaven Festival, from July 16 to August 8, every Saturday and Sunday between 12.00 and 14.00 On land, at sea and in Delfshaven! Place; a race on the Schiller Waterfiets combined with a knowledge quiz competition on the Aelbrechtskolk.

Do you know a lot about Delfshaven? And do you not suffer from water fear? Then sign up (as a duo), come up with an original team name and take on the challenge! Cycle past the festival flags as quickly as possible and answer all questions. Race out your opponents, ring the bell as fast as you can and have a chance to become Winner of the Day or Boss of the Delfshaven Festival.

Suitable for the whole family! Jandino Asporaat, Joris Lutz, Eveline Van Wanrooij, Jordy Dijkshoorn and Rarko preceded you, so it's up to you to knock them off the throne. In the pedals!

You can register here 👉 https://ikapitein.nl/delfshavenfestival/ Feel free to call our rental partner iKapitein on 085 130 52 89 to reserve a spot . There can be 4 races per day 😃

We look forward to seeing you at On land, at sea and... in Delfshaven!