Schiller Pedal boat, coming soon!

As the exclusive importer in the Netherlands, we expect the new Schiller S1-C in mid-March 2021. This pedal boat is the ideal addition for boat rental companies, water recreationists, campsites, athletes and holiday parks. Thanks to its technology and easy assembly within 10 minutes, it is possible for everyone to make this pedal boat ready for use where the road ends.

Sustainable and sexy

This Schiller pedal boat is completely emission-free and a feast for the eyes. The modern look and simple controls allow almost anyone to cycle with it. The Schiller S1-C has two floats that can handle the weight of more than 400 kg. In addition, there are many options available at the front. Think, for example, of an extra float that is in the way that you can sit on, meditate or put down your bag. Moreover, you stay dry while cycling on the water.

Request test drive

Does the Schiller S1-C appeal to you and would you like to request a non-binding test drive? Please leave your name, telephone number and e-mail address. We will be happy to contact you!