Schiller Water Bike at Edition NL on RTL 4

Our rental partner Nick Posthumus van Boat Varen Delft appeared on national television yesterday with his story about the Schiller Waterfiets. He is only 17 years old, charts his own course and offers day-trippers the opportunity to experience the city of Delft in a unique way on the Schiller Waterfiets.

In the episode of Editie NL on RTL 4, Nick tells his story and gives a demonstration of the use of the Schiller Waterfiets. Nick rents out 4 Schiller sup bikes from Delft. According to him, the reactions have been super positive. People are photographed very often and it is more stable than most people think. Both people aged 80 and 15 can cycle on it.

The well-known trend watcher from RTL Lieke Lamb is also there and has praise for the Schiller Waterfiets. She is convinced that the Schiller water bike is here to stay and expects that a lot of these pedal boats will be sold in the winter.

Are you curious about the episode? Watch it back via RTL Xl via the following link from the 10th minute:

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