Collaboration with Renes Recycling

In this digital age, the Netherlands still uses more than 2.7 million tons of paper and cardboard every year. Books, magazines, newspapers, packaging, toilet paper, folders…. Together, paper makes up almost a quarter of all waste! Almost 2.45 million tons of all waste paper in the Netherlands is recycled.

We care about our blue planet and that's why we partnered up with Renes Recycling. Renes takes care of a considerable amount thanks to her pick-up service at our head office in Barendrecht.

We see all the cardboard that is used to safely transport the Schiller Waterfiets as a whole to the Netherlands as a raw material for new cardboard and that is an advantage for the environment.

Renes processes the cardboard waste into bales and these are returned to the paper processing industry. We also benefit from this, because the cardboard is accurately weighed on the weighbridges of Renes, after which they settle the yield with us, depending on the daily price.