First Schiller Water Bike in use!

The end of January was a special moment for iKapitein as well as for Schiller Waterfiets. On dthis day, the first Schiller Waterfiets in the Netherlands was taken into use, a 100% emission-free pedal boat.

Sustainable profit

We have advised to opt for two white and two black pedal boats, so that they can offer both colours. The white pedal boats are for people with a height of up to 180 cm and the black ones are from 180 cm.

Working towards a sustainable future

Founder Wesley dos Santos of iKapitein officially started using the pedal boat at the end of January.

“With this pedal boat we continue to work on our 'green and sustainable' ambitions”


According to Wesley, another example of sustainable investments that iKapitein has made is their Eco sloop. The world's first pleasure boat with built-in dirt trap. In this way they combine the pleasant with the useful. Have fun and keep the water clean at the same time. The Schiller pedal boats are an extension of the iKapitein fleet. According to the founder, it is a sustainable investment with a high return on investment. In addition, they get local exclusivity in the area in which they operate.